Our Canadian Passport Photos are guaranteed acceptance by Passport Canada or we will refund them and retake them for free.

Set of 2 adult photos :  $14
Extra set or digital copy:$5
 ~ Ready in 5 Minutes 
 ~ No Appointment Necessary
 ~ Studio open 10am to 5:30pm
Our price is based on a 5 minute session and a maximum of 5 photo takes.  An additional charge may apply for extra photo takes.

Baby photos
6 months to 2 years old    $18 
(baby must be able to sit up on a bumbo)

Infant photos
Newborn to 6 months   $30
(baby is able to lay on our special baby-hammock)

Please note that appointments are required for Infant Photos.
Call us at (604)224-8773 to schedule your appointment.
Our prices for baby photos are based on a 15 minute session.   If the session extends beyond that time due to your little one's unwillingness to be photographed, we may apply a extra time surcharge.

We also take passport and ID photos for other countries and submissions.  

Please bring in the specifications for your application so we may size your photographs properly.  Please note that our guarantee applies to Canadian Passport, PR application and Canadian Citizenship photos only.

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